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The Batik Studio

Ketut Sujana is Joanie's

batik mentor.Joanie has been working in Ketut's Ubud studio for 17 years.

Ketut teaches batik painting to a 

family from Singapore.

Wayan has been waxing at Ketut's studio for 18 years. She works on a big hoop. Her chanting flies over the fabric.

Racni and Made are Ketut's highly skilled painters.

Joanie is drawing on the big light table. Joanie is tracing her most popular image, the long waterfall.

Joanie's batiks drying in the yard at the studio.

Improving the Studio

Ketut's studio needs to improve. Conditions at the studio have gotten very difficult. We need better ventialation, more light, a place to rest, a good roof, So we are fundraising for a new building. Ketut, Joanie and Ketut's daughter Kadeck are preparing for  a fund raising batik exhibition in Bali.

Help Ketut build a new studio!

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