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What People are Saying about Joanie's Art


I hung the print of the waterfall in my little work cubicle.  It makes me feel calm before I set off to do field work or inspections. It helps my phone conveersations which are sometimes with contentious people.  I can look at the waterfall and get more grounded.  Other co-workers have commented on its beautiy.

Harriet H.  Eureka, CA


I have always loved your work. It gives me great joy!  The colors are so bright. They uplift my spirit. And the landscapes and images is so filled with spirit and love.  You can feel it through your eyes with your heart. I feel as though the beautiful energy of your art touches my heart and expands it with love.

KC C, Laytonville. CA


Joanie Mitchell, it is a feast for our eyes.  May you live long for us.

Yogacharya S R.  Cochin. India


I finally have a piece of your work after years of looking and admiring.

Neil W,, Berkeley, CA


Your drawings are so beaiutiful and so evocative!

Dhanya Durga M,, Maui


The marigold batik is gorgeous from the colors to the border.  Just beautiful. Lovethe Day of the Dead images! Thank you for bringing more beautiy into my world.

Lilian R, Ukiah, CA


Your art is soooo beautiful. Like joy in a batik. Well done.

Melissa N,  Sydney, Australia


Really the best.

Louisa S, Puna, the Red Road, Hawaii


Thank you for your beautiful work.  It is full of love and going be such an amazing adition to my home.

Catherine L,, Lagunitas, CA


I feel so blessed and lucky to be taking this gorgeous artwork to my home.

Lisa Nicolosi, Santa Cruz, CA


I love your art and your passion to help others through your work.

Rosie B,, Sebastopol, CA

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